Download Movies for Free

This article explains how do you go about downloading a movie for free from the internet. No need of credit card, that is without credit card. No need to complete any survey. No need to fill any registration.

How many times have you wondered how difficult could it be to download a movie for free from the internet and you ended up depressed and no longer have any energy to continue that search on the internet for free movie downloads. You get tired basically because of all the false, lie and unreal things people talk on the internet. Yeah, the internet is a big place and searching for something that you really want can go a little tiring sometimes, but that is what we are here for. In this guide, we describe exactly how you can download latest hollywood and bollywood movies totally free from the internet, that is, free movie downloads online.

Lets cut to the chase: Gingle - www.gingle.in is the only website that currently offer free movie downloads on the internet. Now you might be knowing a lot more websites that offer you to download movies for free but let me tell you the bare neccesity of these websites, one basic thing they all require - a one time payment billed to you credit card, and that is what I really hate. So, and that is what we have fixed at Gingle. At Gingle, everything is free. Gingle promises that there will never ever be a dollar sign showed to you while you are on the website. This is one of the many perks on Gingle.

We know how fraustrated everybody is from download websites that offer mediafire or rapidshare download links - these links are often broken and do no offer resume capability nor can they be used in conjecture with a download manager. At Gingle, everything that you can download is offered on direct links. All these links are resumable and offer the highest speeds in the movie industry.

Here is a sample download page on Gingle for a movie download. See how easy it is to just press the "download part 1" and "download part 2" buttons and get you movie to start downloading. No timers. No waiting!

Movie are hosted on multiple servers at a time, around 20 for a single movie - this ensure that you never exit Gingle without downloading the movie that you wanted to see. If you cant find the movie you want to download you can always request movies to be added. Requests usually take 24-48 hours to get processed and you are notified. So, if anybody ever asks you how you can download movies from the internet just tell them about Gingle.

If you have any other problem using Gingle, write us a mail at gingleadmin@gmail.com